August 26, 2014  - Improv from Kevin Hines, Keaton Patti, Caroline Cotter, Riley Soloner, and Dan Hodapp. Special Guests: JC Calcerano, Jenny Huftalen, and Kelley Quinn. Enjoy this video of improv from that show. And then enjoy video of a segment called "I Am The Judge."

August 5, 2014  - Improv from Ryan Karels, Jackie Jennings, Alan Starzinski, and Molly Thomas. Special guests: Bennett Sullivan and Matt Rubano. Enjoy this video of people expressing their grave concern to J. Edgar Hoover.

June 4, 2014  - Improv from Erik Tanouye, Kristen Acimovic, Natasha Vaynblat, Alex French, and James McCarthy. Special guests: JC Calcerano, Jenny Huftalen, Brad Kula, and Madeline Ruskin. Check out this video of the musical guest, Cameron Orr.

April 2 - Improv from Silvija Ozols, Jeremy Bent, James Dwyer, Jesse Neil, and Langan Kingsley. Special Guest: Matt Rubano. Music from Brian Lawlor. Enjoy this video of the "Worst IRS Applications by 'Non-Profits.'"

March 5, 2014 - Improv from Jim Santangeli, Nicole Drespal, Jesse Neil, Brian Faas, and Brennan Mulligan. Specials Guests: Justin Perez, Caitlin DeMerlis, and Stefan Schuette. Music from Bennett Sullivan. Enjoy this video of actual complaints sent to the FTC about JDate & eHarmony.

November 6, 2013 - Show Recap: Improv from Brian Faas, Dan Hodapp, Karin Hammerberg, and Charlie Todd. Special guests: Dan Chamberlain, Natalia Plaza, Matt Rubano. Enjoy this video re-enacting the Fred Davis trial.