Facebook Notification: The Following People Have Birthdays Today But Didn't Put It On Facebook

The Person Who Doesn't Want to Clutter Their Facebook Page with Birthday Messages Because They Think a Talent Agent Might StumbleUpon It And Miss the Good Stuff Buried Beneath Birthday Greetings.

The Person Who's Testing If Their Friends Know Their Birthday.

The Person Who Knows Their Friends Don't Know Their Birthday And Can't Wait to Sulk About It.

The Person Who Made The Following Death Pact With a Young Mark Zuckerberg: "If only one of us has become a billionaire by age 30, the richer one must kill the other."

The Person Who Doesn't Know Their Birthday.

The Person Who Fears The Barrage of Birthday Wishes and Compliment Will Not Be 100% Sincere, So They Shun Facebook In Order To Have 100% Sincere In-Person Conversations Such as This: "It's Been Too Long. We Should Hang Out Sometime. Definitely. Let's Make It Happen."