LeBron James Sabotages The Jewish People

LeBron James was blamed for getting his coach David Blatt fired. Many people in Israel were upset because Blatt lived there for 20 years. Of course, this isn’t the first time LeBron has done something to upset the Jewish People.

Take a look at this photo. The guy on the right is Israeli basketball player Omri Casspi. LeBron is refusing to give him the ball.

And who can forget back in 1994 at the Oslo Accords, the peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

LeBron tried desperately to prevent Yitzhak Rabin from signing that deal, arriving moments after their epic handshake. You might be thinking “Hey, LeBron was too late. We can’t blame him for the deal failing.” But when millions of American kids see their NBA hero try to stop a peace accord, you know they’re not going to throw their support behind it in the critical years that follow.

If that were the extent of it, I would say it’s nothing. But this is a pattern of behavior. Who can forget this iconic image of Moses parting the Red Sea?

Of course, if we scroll back just a little bit...we see LeBron is actively trying to bring the waters back down on top of the Chosen People.

And finally, who can forget 2015? As the year began, everyone in America agreed that "Trainwreck" was the movie to beat. There was no doubt it would outgross "Star Wars." And it would also launch Judaism’s last hope, Amy Schumer, into super-stardom. That was until they got a load of LeBron James acting.

Let us hope LeBron James is stopped soon--or instead, traded to a team with a Jewish owner. That way his antics could be punished where it hurts most, in his wallet. The NBA team with a Jewish owner is the….Milwaukee Bucks, under owner Herb Kohl. Also, the Heat, Bulls, Mavericks, Suns, Hawks, Clippers, Thunder, Warriors, Pacers, Rockets...and Cleveland--the team he’s on. Nevermind.